About Tempo of the Heart

Bringing the music community together to make a positive change in the world is my mission.

“The first show was 5 years of dreaming, 3 years of working, and every dime I had. My goal was to get 40 artists; my unrealistic dream was to have 70 artists….we ended up with 80 artists. In September 2013, I brought these 80 rock stars to Los Angeles for 3 days where we had 16 hours of meet and greet autograph signing, 10 hours of concerts and in the end we got 57 artists into the studio to record an original song and this event was to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” – Corky Byer

Group photo of portion of artists who participated in the 2013 Rock n Roll Autograph Show

The last show saw 80 rock stars coming together for this event. Currently there are 50+ artists who have stated their interest in participating in the next show in 2017; including Lou Gramm, Peter Rivera, Artimus Pyle, Black Oak Arkansas, Lee Sklar, Carmine Appice and Danny Seraphine. I am hoping to get together 100-120 artists for this next show.

There are a few milestone moments in my life that have helped shape the man that I am today and provide the inspiration for creating Tempo of the Heart. One of those moments was the death of my sister, who was also my best friend, when she was only 27 years old. I was 14 years old. In 1970 my sister went to the doctor with a painful lump in her breast. She was told that breast cancer in women under 45 was so unlikely that they would not do anything about it and they were sure it would just go away. A year later she went back to the doctor to say that the lump had not gone away and they then decided to biopsy the lump. It was, of course, malignant. They suggested an immediate mastectomy. Our family happened to be involved for many years with a medical research hospital in California called The City of Hope. They asked my parents if they could examine my sister and give their opinion. They did and they believed that a mastectomy was not the correct way to proceed, but rather to remove my sisters’ uterus and lymph nodes, as there was no chemotherapy or radiation therapy at that time. My sister agreed and they did the surgery. During the surgery they also biopsied her liver and found that it was totally infected with cancer. They stated that with experimental treatments she might live for another year. For the next 11 months, I watched my sister die and I watched my parents watch their first-born child die. After she died my parents received a bill for approximately $28,000 from the hospital and I remember seeing a red stamp that read, “Paid in full by The City of Hope.” In the next 12 months my family started a charity chapter for The City of Hope and we raised one million dollars to donate. I went door-to-door requesting money. I ran fundraisers in my junior high; so at 14 years old I became a young philanthropist.

When I was older, my life was changed irrevocably when I was homeless, jobless and hungry. An angel named Susan Pierce offered me support through a job offer, a place to stay and everything needed for a fresh start. That moment changed my life, and created within me the concept of Paying It Forward. That act of kindness and generosity contributed greatly to me being the man I have become. Over the years many people have benefited from my paying it forward and I have always done so in Susan’s honor.

Taken just a week before I became homeless and this car became my home.
My sister, just a couple of years before she became sick and died.
Susan Pierce…..a recent photo of the woman who saved me.
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