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Tempo of the Heart organizes rock and roll events for the financial support of other non-profit organizations. The continuing goal of Tempo of the Heart is to give over 75% of profits from events to our benefactor organizations. These benefactors change with each major event. The next primary organizations we are supporting are NAHA, the Native American Heritage Association, Save the Children, and the Asbestos Disease Awareness Association.


We support NAHA for several reasons; one is because of the absolute respect I have come to have for the founder, David Meyers. There are many people in the world who see that there is a need for charity or change and give money or time to help, but very few who devote their life to achieving that change.

David Meyers, and his daughter Pam Meyers are two such people. David saw the conditions of the South Dakota Lakota (Sioux) Reservations and felt compelled to devote the rest of his life to helping and creating change. The last couple years of his life he came to realize the power of the music industry, just as we have, and he started The Rock Legends Cruise. I believe whole heartedly in this organization and that with the additional funds that Tempo Of The Heart can provide that the dominoes of change and growth can be pushed over creating not just the wings breeze of the butterfly effect, but rather a real storm of change.



Here is an organization that is nearing its centennial anniversary. Two sisters who were raised in a household of consciousness saw the absolute hardship, heartache and devastation that World War I took on the children…especially those of the enemy. The blockades created incredible famine and lack of medical supplies. Once again we witness individuals who see a wrong in the world and devote their lives to thwarting it. These sisters started a little organization called The Save the Children Fund and within a very short period of time raised an incredible amount of money, appealing to the hearts and humanity of their country men who also just went through an incredible war. They all recognized that friend or foe had no bearing on the outcome of life for the children. They believed in this concept so strongly that they created the initial draft for what would become the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1923. Save the Children holds the dedication to permanently change the way the world treats children. They have helped more than 143 million children in 120 countries by providing them health and nutrition services, educational programs, and disaster and emergency relief programs. Save the Children has been recognized by organizations like Charity Navigator, The American Institute of Philanthropy, and InterAction for their philanthropy and accountability, and Save the Children states that 89.4% of their money goes toward their children’s programs.



I am blessed to have interacted with thousands and thousands of people and to call many of them friends. Sadly 100% of them have been personally affected by or know someone who has succumb to cancer. The cancers are so varied that at times it seems impossible to keep up. There are organizations that have really come to the forefront with the type of cancer they fight against and have remarkable support; such as Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, Livestrong, and St. Jude and we applaud them for all that they do. It is amazing to me how the causes of most cancers can be eradicated by passing new laws and new legislation, but as most things moving forward with those fights are dictated by the bottom line. I also understand how in most cases usage of carcinogenic materials is a choice such as smoking cigarettes or eating processed foods; but Mesothelioma is not by choice but solely by financial benefit. In the early 1970’s it was determined that asbestos exposure causes cancer…period. The complete ban of asbestos went before Congress and they determined that although countless lives could potentially be saved it was not cost effective to enforce a ban and they challenged the EPA to produce a comparison of each potential solution’s cost and benefit to justify the ban. No ban was put into place. Unlike other cancers people to not have a choice to be exposed to asbestos; hell, most people don’t even know they are being exposed. We chose Mesothelioma because we strongly support the effort of bringing awareness of this problem to a larger percentage of the population. We have chosen the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization because of the fantastic work they are doing and the additional exposure and funding that we can bring to them. We also appreciate the Rock n Roll connection in that their National Spokesperson Jordan Zevon, is a performer and the son of famed rocker Warren Zevon who died from mesothelioma in 2003.


In January 2016, Corky Byer founder of Tempo of the Heart, promoted and supported NAHA’s primary fundraiser the Rock Legends Cruise where he was able to connect with many rock and roll greats and get commitments for the upcoming Rock and Roll event (previously know as the Rock and Roll Autograph Show) in 2017.

Pam Meyers from NAHA and Corky Byer at the 2016 Rock Legends Cruise.
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